The Big (Pregnancy) Reveal: A Viral Video

I found out on November 1st that I was pregnant, via a home pregnancy test. It was a few days after I missed my period and exactly one month before my wedding. My then fiancé Charlie and I had ditched birth control only two months prior. When I saw the double red lines I could not believe it. I fell to the floor crying, grabbing our dog for hugs. I wanted nothing more than to go screaming into the bedroom to wake up Charlie. But I had recently had a dream that I told him at our upcoming wedding that I was pregnant, and since I could barely move from shock, I thought I should see the dream through in real life. It was a mere four weeks until our wedding.

I did the math while driving to work and it was absolutely perfect – the week before our wedding I would be 8 weeks, which is the earliest doctors will usually do an ultrasound. And I would be exactly two months pregnant on our wedding day, which is the earliest time you’re supposed to reveal a pregnancy to friends and family. I could hand my new husband a framed sonogram of our child, on our wedding day, in front of our parents and siblings. It was the most amazing thing that could happen to make our special day even more special, and I was incredibly excited. I daydreamed about the reveal every spare moment for the next four weeks.

Keeping this exciting news to myself was of course difficult, arguably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. But I knew it would be worth it to experience this amazing moment on the happiest day of our lives. Plus we’d have it on video, since we had hired a professional videographer to capture our wedding day. The video would be the most precious gift we could ever give our child! And I knew Charlie, who loves romantic grand gestures and is incredibly close with his family, would love finding out in such a special way, with his parents and sister by his side – instead of being woken up at 7 am with a pee stick shoved in his face. We had only invited 25 guests to the wedding — just parents, siblings, and best friends; so it would be a very intimate moment.

During the wedding day I was incredibly nervous. I wanted every detail of the reveal to go perfectly, just as I had dreamt it. Other than a couple details I think it went great. Charlie was shocked and showed such pure joy and love. And the reactions of our parents and siblings were absolutely priceless. Having those photos and the video means everything to both of us. He tears up every time he sees the video. Despite the devastating outcome of our pregnancy, I wouldn’t change this reveal for anything. Our little Baby Jillian gave so much happiness to so many people.

Our parents’ reactions
My mom hugging me and my husband

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