Gender Reveal Video & What Baby Jillian Meant For My Family

In January of 2017, I lost my little sister Jillian Jo. Sitting next to her hospital bed I decided I was going to have a daughter named Jillian. It only took me two years to fall in love with my soulmate, get married and get pregnant (not quite in that order). 

Our baby was there with me and my father as we walked down the aisle towards my future husband. Our baby was there when her parents vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. Our baby made a full trip across the globe with us for our honeymoon. On the beach in Thailand we received an email with the results of my blood test. We handed a resort employee two golf balls – one with a pink dot and one with a blue dot – and asked him to open the email and hand us the correct golf ball. 

Alone on the beach that early December morning Charlie hit the ball, causing pink powder to explode across the sand. It’s a GIRL! 

You can see the emotion and pure joy in our eyes. We were having a Baby Jillian! On the plane ride to Phuket from Hong Kong, Charlie and I picked out both a girl name and a boy name for our little one. If it was a girl her name would be Jillian Eliana Forbes, and we would call her Lia. Her first name would honor her Aunt Jilly, but allow her to have her own identity. Her initials would be JEF, after her Uncle Jeff (my brother). 

Her name was simply perfect, and it felt like the stars were aligning perfectly to give me my happy ending. Like the Universe was coming together to give my family some happiness after the tragedy it had inflicted upon us two years prior. We could never ever replace my sister Jillian, but it felt like the Universe was giving us a life since it had taken one from us. My brother had three sons so this would be my family’s first girl (and Charlie’s family’s first baby of any gender). Those four weeks being married and pregnant with Baby Lia were by far the happiest of my life. 

You can watch the gender reveal here: 

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