The Controversy Surrounding Angel Baby Photos

Seeing photos of miscarried babies is triggering for many women who have suffered a loss. It can also be upsetting to people who have not experienced a miscarriage, due to the fact that a deceased unborn child is not something they’ve likely seen before.

So where does that leave the women who desperately want to share their angel babies? For some women, not being able to share their son or daughter just like any other child makes them feel isolated. It makes them feel like the rest of the world thinks their son or daughter is gross or scary or ugly. Someone being upset or offended by the sight of their child makes them feel angry and depressed. They may wonder why they have to keep their child private, and why the world can’t accept the child and his or her beauty.

I can certainly relate to these feelings myself. I can also understand how seeing another woman’s angel baby could trigger memories of your own loss, a day that was most likely the most horrific experience of your life. So I see both sides. Maybe we can create a safe space for mothers to share their angel babies, kept away from mothers who don’t want to see them.

Click here for my blog’s Facebook page. Feel free to share your angel baby there. Please type the post as text saying that you are sharing your angel, and then post the photo in the comments. I look forward to seeing all your beautiful babies ❤

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  1. I feel strongly that mothers and fathers should get to share their babies, regardless of how “uncomfortable” it makes anyone feel. That’s your beautiful and loved child and you have every right to share them! Just my opinion.


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